Hands-On Chef Jr.

FOOD! It is a “language” almost everyone enjoys “speaking and hearing.” Crafting this language is an art of itself. Learn some of the basics of culinary arts while stockpiling your culinary repertoire with new meals and skills to help you feed you, your family, and/or your significant other. Learn for a single lesson or an entire course. Students will learn the basics of kitchen utensils, etiquette, cooking techniques, and how to create a meal during each session. Take part in a delectable culinary experience!

This course will be offering various sessions that can viewed below or seen in the NOTES section when registering. Sessions will be held at Brenham High School (Room 159) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday mornings. Cost for each session is $30. Ages 7-12 are welcome (1 chaperon must be present for every 3 children). Class sizes are limited, and minimum number of participants are required for classes to begin.

All classes come with the Hands-On Cooking Experience, a Hands-On Commemorative Apron, the Hands-On Certificate of Completion, and (of course) the opportunity to eat the delectable goodies you create!

Register and take part in this delectable cooking experience!

Cooking Course Mornings

Homemade Pizza - DEC. 3, 2016

This session, we will be learning how to homemade cheese or pepperoni pizza from scratch.

Omelettes & Biscuits - Nov. 12, 2016

This session, we will be learning how to cook eggs (omelettes) and make homemade biscuits from scratch.