Welcome to Brenham Community Education! Brenham Community Education classes are designed to reflect the needs and interest of people in the community.  If you have an expertise, skill, talent, or knowledge that you would like to share, then find out more about teaching for Community Education. You may submit your proposal by using the form below. 

Teaching a Community Education course is a great way to share your knowledge and skills with members of the community. There is no minimum requirement or educational degree to be an instructor. Community Education instructors have a passion for the subject they teach and a level of professionalism that reflects well on our community. Community Education classes include health and fitness, technology, arts and crafts, cooking, music and dance, business and financial, and adult enrichment.

Programs vary in length and time and are usually offered as part of a term. Community Education welcomes and encourages inquiries and suggestions from the community regarding future planning of future classes and programs. Programs are added as needs and interests are identified. If you have a new course idea, have a friend who would like to teach, or you would like to sponsor someone to attend a particular course, then please fill out the form below to explore the possibility of offering the class.

The fees for Community Education classes vary according to number of class hours, facilitator costs and materials. Every effort is make to keep fees affordable. The office will discuss pay in more details upon acceptance as an instructor.

Sometimes classes to do not make. If the class does not meet its minimum participants, then the class will be canceled with no obligation to either party.

Community Education is a service for the community. We reserve the right to reject or modify any classes that do not fit the guidelines for Brenham Community Education.

If you have any  questions you can email us at cec@brenhamk-12.net or call (979) 277-3895 and talk to us. Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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